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Sunrise at Bromo Penanjakan 1 Area

By K. Wardhana in Adventure

Apr 23, 2021

Chasing sunrise has become a mandatory activity during your vacation to a place. The charm of the sunrise only appears at certain times.

Besides that, the charm of sunrise has always been an interesting photo object for tourists and photographers. Watching each of these moments at the right time, you need to manage time as best you can.

For your information, you should note that not all locations and plateaus can consider the atmosphere of the rising sun. A pride, Indonesia is in the equatorial region, so many areas can be used as a place to see the sunrise. One of them is sunrise in Bromo East Java. The sunrise climb 1 in Bromo becomes “The Famous of Sunrise”, a tourist spot to capture the sunrise.

To get to this 1st ride, you have to use a jeep or dirt bike. Because the path that damaged roads is winding and quite steep. Most of them are sunrise hunters; of course, you need to consider the time and mileage. In March-April, the sun rises around 05.00 –05.30 WIB. Prepare yourself to go uphill at 3:30 a.m. Altitude 2,329 meters above sea level, you can watch the beauty of the sunrise with the naked eye.

The chilly atmosphere that bites in the darkness of the night becomes a sensation of its own hunting beautiful sunrise. Therefore make sure you are already wearing a thick jacket; headgear such as cuddles, gloves are also important. For those of you who do not bring, do not worry because you can rent or buy these tools while in the area of Penanjakan 1. Such as renting thick jackets, gloves, scarves starting with the price of IDR 10.000,