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Leebong Island

By Hendricus Bernard in Adventure

Jan 19, 2021

The Tropical Leebong Island. Experience yourself, Leebong Island, a Private Island Resort, even said by some to be the Maldives of Indonesia.

Located 3 kilometres southwest of Belitung main Island, Leebong is 37 hectares big. It takes only a 1-hour flight from Jakarta. On the Island, there are villas with 4-star hotel quality. The Island is surrounded by white sand. Mangrove and tropical forest make Leebong Island famous for its natural beauty.

Ocean breezes and the sound of the waves give the exotic feel, usually found on the seashore. We can go to sand islands in the middle of the sea with much marine life to be found during low tides, such as starfish and crabs. Come and feel the serenity at night, and swim under the stars. Make your fantastic memory at Leebong Island, living side by side with nature.

See for yourself Pasir Timbul of Leebong Island, a lovely tourist attraction during low tide. Approaching low tide, you can see a whirlpool forming, during high tide to low tide, and low tide to high tide. You can play around the middle of the Island.

There are an Instagram-able swing and gazebo. You can bring a water pillow to float around the water. It is best to visit in the morning or the afternoon. It takes about 15 minutes from the nearest quay to there. You can visit Leebong Island afterwards to eat or stay the night there. Take yourself and your loved ones on an adventure at Leebong Island, search for small crabs, and explore the treehouses at Leebong Island.