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Pirate Coffee White Sand Leebong

By Sally Davidsz in Activities

May 6, 2021

How was your day on an exotic island, with a beautiful stretch of white sand, away from the crowds? What a great day, isn’t it!

Leebong island is very pampering for tourists while on vacation here. The beauty of Leebong Island is endless; besides refreshing the eyes, able to heal the heart and mind that stuck. In addition to the treehouse lodgings that are many tourist highlights, the unique thing is that Leebong island builds a simple coffee shop for you to relax with family and friends.

Whitesand coffee and Baileys Coffee are favourites when visiting Leebong Island. But you can also enjoy a variety of other drinks available here. Pirate Coffee carries an epic and natural concept. Tables and benches are made of teak wood of choice, making the atmosphere feel warm and friendly. Warmth also comes from a barista who can make a cup of warm coffee.