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Chicas Beach Leebong

By Sally Davidsz in Adventure

May 6, 2021

Oh My God, this is what we call paradise on earth! Chicas Beach is arguably the most beautiful beach on Leebong Island.

This beach was breathtaking when it first set foot on the white sands of Chicas. You don’t take long; you have to follow a path through a small forest overgrown with some typical seaside trees on Leebong Island. About 5 minutes from the cottage, you will meet the vast expanse of white sand. There is a colourful gazebo in the middle of Chicas beach.

If you want to enjoy the beautiful beaches and activities on Leebong Island, there are many Leebong Island tours such as Chicas Beach, Pasir Island and sports activities such as kayaking. Leebong Island is very well managed, so make sure the security and guarantee of your vacation are very memorable. This One day Trip package consists of boat transfer, the trip to Pasir Island, mangrove walk, lunch, and free coffee.

Facilities at Chicas beach are equipped with rinse rooms and clean toilets. Panorama Chicas beach, you can enjoy sambal relax in the gazebo or beach chairs sambal sunbathing. Guaranteed you will spend a lot of time on this beach. Don’t forget to prepare more capacity for your mobile phone camera or professional camera, because it’s a shame to miss the romantic on the white sands of Chicas beach. Leebong, you rock on your own way!