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4  •   Huta Siallagan, an indigenous village with  unique   Other essentials may be based on your own needs, such                           5
 WELCOME to LAKE TOBA  customs  as health condition, medical necessity, etc.  NORTH
 •   Raja Sidabutar Grave in Tomok Village
 ake Toba is the biggest volcanic lake and ranks 9th deepest   •   Museum Batak TB Silalahi Center  •   4G Coverage  SUMATERA  Kuala Namu
 Lin  the  world.  It  is  listed  as  a  UNESCO  Global  Geopark.   On most parts of the site, there are stable 4G connections.   International Airport
 Itis vast and it connects 7 regencies of North Sumatra. This   •   Exploring Lake by Boat  You can use a SIM card from Indosat, XL and Telkomsel.
 caldera was formed by the 3rd eruption of a Supervolcano.   Sail  in  the  freshwater  of  Lake  Toba.  Enjoy  the
 Though  an  eruption  is  rare,  Mount  Toba  is  still  classified  as   serene view of the lake by renting a boat.
 active.   Sit back, relax in the popular “Toba Cruise” built in the      ACCOMMODATION
 shape of the Batak traditional house. It has a capacity
 ake Toba is one of the most iconic destinations in Indonesia.   of 60 – 70 people. There is a minibar, live music, and an   Hotels, inns, or guest houses are available in the Lake Toba
 LThere are five islands in the lake; Samosir Tulas, Sibandang,   open deck to enjoy the sunset or the beauty of the lake   area. To name a few, there is Taman Simalem Resort, Inna
 Parapat Hotel, Niagara Hotel & Resort, Mutiara Balige Hotel,
 Malau, and Tolping Island. Only Samosir is inhabited. The great   itself. Pamper yourself!  Atsari Hotel, Debang Resort, Tiara Bunga Hotel & Villa, and
 panoramic views await you.  Labersa Hotel. Lake Tobe offers a place for every budget.
    THE BEAUTIES        Sipiso-piso  Tongging & Simalem
 There are several natural destinations around Lake Toba.
 Some of the famous ones are:                              Haranggaol
 The hub cities to Lake Toba are Medan and Balige.  •   ATM
 •   By Plane  •   Waterfalls  There are BCA, BNI, BRI and Bank Mandiri ATMs. Most
 There are two international airports in North   •   Sipiso-piso (Geosite)  are located in Parapat, Balige, Pangururan and Tomok.
 Sumatra that can connect to Lake Toba. Kualanamu   •   Situmurun (Geosite)
 International Airport (KNO) in Lubuk Pakam and   •   Efrata  •   Money Changer
 Sisingamaraja XII International Airport (DTB), previously   There is no money changer around Lake Toba. It is
 Silangit International Airport, in Siborong-borong.   •   Hills  advisable to change your Indonesian Rupiahs in Medan,   Explore the lake by boat
 Kualanamu International Airport  is bigger than   •   Hutaginjang (Geosite)  the capital city of North Sumatra.
 Sisingamaraja  XII  International  Airport.  Therefore,   •   Bakkara - Tippang (Geosite)
 Kualanamu International Airport serves more airlines   •   Tele (Geosite)  •   Hospital
 and destinations.   •   Tongging (Geosite)  There are hospitals or clinics in Balige, Parapat,
 •   Sipinsur (Geosite)  Pangururan, and more prominent hospitals available in          Parapat
 •   Holbung Hill  Medan.
    ACTIVITIES  •   Pusuk Buhit (Geosite)
 •   Simalem  •   Police Station
 You can engage in these unforgettable activities.  •   Lake Sidihoni (Geosite)  There are several police stations surrounding Lake Toba,   Pangururan  Soekarno’s
 •   Haranggaol (Geosite)  namely in Parapat, Balige, Pangururan, and Tomok.  Tuktuk &   Exile House
 •   Visiting waterfalls, hills, and villages  •   Silalahi (Geosite)  SAMOSIR   Tomok              Sigapiton &
 There are astonishing waterfalls, undulating hills, and   •   Speciality Souvenirs  Pusuk Buhit  ISLAND  The Kaldera
 villages within the vicinity of Lake Toba. Feast your eyes   •   Village  Batak culture, for instance, Ulos cloth, Samosir traditional
 on the photogenic scenes. Feel free to interact with the   •   Tomok (Geosite)  batik, miniatures of traditional Batak houses, key chains,
 friendly Batak locals. They will welcome you to enjoy   •   Tuktuk (Geosite)  Batak traditional carving collectables, and many more.
 their traditional cuisine while you experience the culture   •   Sigapiton  Tele
 and hospitality of the Batak community.  •   Samosir  •   Renting a Car                                    Situmurun
 •   Simanindo  Car Rental available in Balige and Medan. Arrange pickup                                    Waterfalls
 •   Camping & Glamping  •   Dolok Tolong  and drop off from and to the airport for your convenient.  Waterfall
 The government of North Sumatra is working to enhance   •   Taman Eden 100 (Geosite)
 available facilities in Lake Toba, as it is in the honour list of   •   Balige Meat (Geosite)
 UNESCO Global Geopark. One of the latest excitements   •   Parapat (Geosite)  CUISINES
 is “glamping” or glamorous camping. Glamping is luxury         Tipang -
 camping with high-end facilities, such as bubble tents,   Lake Toba’s cuisine is rich in Batak culture. Also, because they   Bakkara
 amphitheatres  eco  pods,  cabins,  and  so  on.  Enjoy  the      TIPS & USEFUL INFORMATION  live alongside the lake, their speciality is fish and meat.
 enchanting sunrise, sunset, and stars at night in the   The most famous ones are called Naniura and Ikan Mas Arsik.
 comfort of the glamping zone. It will be a once-in-a-  •   Best Time to Visit  Naniura is unique during its preparation because it is soaked in
 lifetime experience. Of course, you can rough it out on   Lake Toba is opened all year round. The best time is   lime juice (jeruk purut) for six until seven hours before it is cooked.
 conventional camping grounds if you like to have your   during the dry season between March to October. The   Meanwhile, Ikan Mas Arsik is essential during Batak   Sisingamangaraja
 own little private world in the natural environment.  dry season gives you greater visibility.  parties and celebrations. It is seasoned with traditional   International Airport  Huta Ginjang  TB. Silalahi   Balige
 Batak pepper and onions.
 •   Experiencing Batak culture  •   Family-friendly?  LEGEND:
 Batak  people  warmly  welcome  you  to  their  culture  on   Lake  Toba  is  a  family-friendly  destination.  Detailed information
 Samosir Island sited in the middle of the caldera lake.     Accommodation is convenient, with plenty of attractions   on Lake Toba
 The Batak forms the biggest tribal group in Indonesia.   catered for all ages.  Lake Toba combines nature   is  available on
 Experience cultural attractions such as:  and   Boat Experience  Geopark  Hill View  Museum      our website.
 •   Si Gale-Gale or the “dancing statue” performance   •   What to Pack?  culture into one breathtaking
 •   Tor-Tor dance accompanied by Traditional Batak   Light clothes is recommended. Take along a wind   travel experience  Scan the code
 Toba music. Feel free to join  in!  breaker or jacket since the temperature may drop to 17º   to discover more.
 •   Ulos cloth, a traditional locally weaved fabric.  C at night.  Trekking  Village/ Town  Waterfall
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