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White Sands of Tanjung Gorango

By K. Wardhana in Adventure

Jan 19, 2021

In the north of Morotai Island, there is a secluded beach with white sands and the clear blue ocean, hidden in the lush greenery on the road.

Tanjung Gorango, or Shark Cape in the literal translation of the local language, is one of the places you should visit during your travels in Morotai Island. Although you may not see actual sharks here, you can enjoy the sunrise or sunset and relaxing in the sands while admiring the coastline view.

The distance between Daruba, the capital city of Morotai Island, to Tanjung Gorango is 90 km, and it takes about 3 hours of journey to get there. However, the road is filled with lots of greenery, and the view at Tanjung Gorango is worth the journey. After you pay an entrance fee ticket of Rp 5000/person, you can do many activities in Tanjung Gorango.

You can do water-based activities like swimming and snorkelling in the ocean. You can explore the beach by walking along the shoreline on foot, passing through rocks, some corals and cliffs that made up the beautiful area. You can also take pictures and picnic on the beach, relaxing from the long journey to get to the destination.

Tips and Useful Information 
  • Best Time to Visit: The best time to visit Tanjung Gorango is during the tranquil wave season from April to October to avoid large waves during the visit.
  • Is it Family Friendly? Tanjung Gorango is suitable for families who love exploring and seeking out adventure. However, it would be more suitable to explore with children above the age of 12.
  • What to Pack? Visitors are advised to wear light clothing and bring sunblock, a swimsuit, a hat, water bottles, and water-based equipment fit to enjoy the destination. Visitors are also advised to bring their own food and drinks, as the destination does not have a restaurant.