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Vihara and Agung Mosque Anambas Islands

By Trisna Putri in Adventure

Aug 10, 2022

The Anambas Archipelago is located on The Border of Malaysia and Singapore, which is part of The Riau Archipelago, Indonesia. Its beauty has transcended to Overseas. Local wisdom, culture, language, art and religion presented from Anambas Island gives a very impressive impression.

The charm of the many hundreds of islands that are still uninhabited so that their beauty is maintained makes this island very charming. Apart from the characteristics of one of the largest marine fish-producing islands in Indonesia, The Anambas Archipelago has a variety of religions that are united because of the tolerance that is affirmed.

Religious tourism in these islands invites a lot of admiration about the artistic touch of the existing places of worship. In this article, we will show you the beauty of the nuances of The Vihara and Agung Mosque in The Anambas Islands, Riau.

Vihara is a holy place for Buddhist. The most famous icon of The Vihara in the Anambas Islands is in The Village of Sri Tanjung, Siantan. This Vihara existed before 1963 with a simple building concept in ancient times. Vihara Gunung Dewa Siantan stands overlooking the view of the open sea with high cliffs adorning giving a peaceful feel.

Visitors who want to reach the top of The Dewa Siantan Vihara have to climb the dozens of stairs that are there, the building is located at a height with a classic-style design decorated with dragon paintings, identical to the red, green and yellow colors, as if to bring us to the old imperial era. This Vihara is open as a religious tourism object for the public, but when visiting it must comply with various existing rules because basically the function of the Vihara is a place to worship.

Visiting other places in tourist attraction side of religious tourism objects for Muslims in the Anambas Islands, Selayang Pandang, Siantan, Anambas has Agung Baitul Ma’Mur Mosque consisting of three floors and is the largest mosque in The Anambas Islands which is an iconic place of worship an enchanting tour to visit while in The Anambas Islands. The beauty that is presented apart from the splendor of the mosque that was built, this mosque is surrounded by vast ocean water and many beautiful green hills. Worship while enjoying the amazing natural scenery you can get here. The combination of white, green, gold makes this mosque seem very luxurious and is able to provide various excellent photo spots.

Vihara Gunung Dewa Siantan and Agung Baitul Ma’Mur Mosque are religious tourism places that you must visit if you are on vacation in The Anambas Islands because these two places are very famous icons and are recommended here.