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Tips For Enjoying An Awesome Beach Day

By Dewi Setyawan in Adventure

Jul 28, 2022

Beach is one of the most favorite vacation destinations for tourists. Tips for enjoying the beach:

  1. Wear sun protection/ high SPF sunblock

The heat and the beach are inseparable. The sun is shining. Use a high SPF sunblock so that your skin doesn’t burn and stays protected. Prepare yourself for protection from the sun. Bring sunglasses, a hat, or an umbrella to avoid direct sunlight.

  1. A comfortable outfit

Traveling to the beach is synonymous with getting wet. Use clothes that are easy to dry and light so that you don’t feel burdened when swimming or playing around the beach. Wear bright clothes to be eye-catching, sunglasses to protect your eyes from the sun, and sandals to stay comfortable at the beach.

  1. Choose the right time to sunbathe

Try to choose the right time to sunbathe and avoid the heat of the day which can burn our skin. The best time for sunbathing on the beach is in the morning until 11 a.m. or in the afternoon from 3-6 p.m. Use sunblock regularly every 4 hours if you are at the beach all day.

  1. Rinse immediately after playing with seawater

Once satisfied playing with water and swimming, rinse immediately because seawater contains a lot of salt which can cause allergies and dry skin. Rinse the body with clean water.

  1. Get your camera ready to capture your moment

Cameras are important for capturing exciting moments on the beach, including underwater cameras. If you don’t have an underwater camera, use a waterproof case for your smartphone. If you have a drone, capture the beauty of the beach from above.

  1. Take care and be careful

Stay alert and aware of our surroundings. Watch the stuff. Do not let us be stung or bitten by beach animals. If you try extreme beach rides like diving and banana boat, take care. Try not to swim beyond the safety line that has been set by the beach keeper.