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The Challenges Of Being A Nature Photographer

By Trisna Putri Kusumawati in Activities

Oct 26, 2022

Have you ever thought about how a photo is produced that looks amazing by a photographer or why the value of a photo captured using one camera lens can be of high value? 1 photo produced by a photographer can raise a lot of questions. How did the photo get taken, why did it have to be taken, and when did you get this picture? And many others.

Yes, being a photographer is not only about dreams and a camera in hand, but it takes a solid effort to be willing to continue to struggle, learn and be patient.

Photographing is one of the jobs that require patience and high accuracy to be able to produce an image that has value. Photos are not just any photo, the images that are produced are like a precious part of their soul.

There are so many fields that exist for every skill of a photographer’s interest. There are in the fields of Wedding Organizers, News, Fine Arts, documentaries and many others and one very challenging field of the photography world is nature photography. The art of nature photography often has to risk the life of a photographer to take a picture they think the picture should get. Materials, energy, guts and thoughts must be sacrificed for the sake of an ambition in life about love and awe of the beauty of the world that not many people can know and enjoy directly.

Without a photographer who likes the richness of natural scenery in this world, the hidden treasures of the splendor of nature will be intricate and will never be exposed to all corners of the world. Every part of this world, various regions or countries, have its uniqueness that must be informed by various media so that it can be helpful for human life as well as being cared for so that it is maintained for the balance of the natural environment and human ecosystems.

Nature photographers, when carrying out their duties, must have a strong interest and feeling for each goal they want to achieve because the natural conditions out there will be challenging to predict what will happen, weather, air temperature, terrain, distance, transportation, wild animals or others dense and even poisonous plants on the route to be taken must be considered and researched first with several sources of information that can be obtained and when arriving at the location will usually be assisted by a guide who has been very familiar with the environment there longer than the photographer.

Although only a photo is produced, not everyone can do and get it, photography is a field of art that is quite complicated to produce, but there is no visible sacrifice that must be made before executing the work, the camera used must be supported according to the level of difficulty of the field and even one photo can only be produced by one photographer, namely the “Golden Moment” with the right angle, that’s why an image produced by a photographer can get an expensive value.