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The beauty of the universe from Anambas Island.

By Dolanesia in Adventure

Jun 9, 2022

As your feet set foot on exotic lands, there are so many stories to tell. Anambas! Engraved in the Riau archipelago province, Indonesia.

As if distracted from the hustle and bustle of the city, Mak Alang coffee shop appears to be a peaceful place to step on. Accompanied by Tarempa noodles and a cup of warm coffee, it seems like a brand-new story to start the day.
My steps stopped at the Baitul Makmur Grand Mosque, standing strong and towering to express the splendour that made every pair of eyes fascinated to see it. Not simply the architecture of the Baitul Makmur Grand Mosque, you can enjoy the beautiful twilight where the water flows calmly, creating serenity for those who dig it.

At the corner of the town of Tarempa, I walk through the small stairs that lead me to the Siantan’s God Vihara. Located on a rocky hill facing the open sea and the landscape of the city of Tarempa, the Siantan’s God Vihara highlights its bold colour with a mix of temples and monasteries.
Dressed in full Malay style, as well as the accompaniment of chanting Malay songs, which is an attraction with its characteristics. Redath was crowned as a special dance for the brides in Anambas village. On every wedding occasion, redath is always in it.When this step stride in Belibak Village on Pangeran Island, a group of little dancers welcomed me with the Gasing dance, which can only be found on this Island. Their feet touched the soft sand as they performed a charming dance full of enthusiasm.

This trip took me to Air Sena Village, where Napoleon fish, called ketipas, are cultivated. There are many other types of fish. Visiting this place is an extraordinary experience.
At night when turtles lay their eggs, releasing the eggs creates its own blue emotion for every eye that sees it. Waiting for arrival, making a nest, until it’s time to lay eggs is an experience that other people may not be able to feel; I’m beyond happy.

Staying a night in Letung village, I feel delightful watching the Gobang dance presented by the Anambas people. The dance is accompanied by music and distinctive singing performed by a group of masked men to represent Bunian creatures or a creature from another world.
Anambas not only presents stunning buildings and culture, but the dashing and clear water flowing between the rocks also seems to indicate Temburun Waterfall as a hidden paradise with seven levels of steps flanked by trees on either side.

Known as the best tropical archipelago in Asia, Anambas offers all elegance and warmth. The clean and soft white sand makes every footstep feel light when you walk along the coastline.
Bagan, Anambas people named it. Bagan is one of the great demand jobs for the Anambas people. The main task is to catch fish with a net machine at night. Sometimes when lucky, they can acquire large amounts of fish, and of course, they will be able to generate more income.

The ship that sank in the sea with its own historical story and fish and coral reefs that are still preserved make Anambas’ underwater a coveted destination for divers.
Also, the tolerance between people and the grace of Anambas’ nature and the underwater intertwines the indigenous Anambas culture, making it an experience that will always be missed.
“I enjoy the beauty of the universe from Anambas Island. There lies a piece of heaven painted in the realm of the beauty of a beautiful blue sky, a serene island surrounded by the charm of the blue sea, the beauty of the sea which is a soothing antidote for a melancholy soul.”

See you next time, Anambas!