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Sunrise at the Mentigen Peak

By Ariella N. Lai in Adventure

Aug 31, 2021

Amazing vistas include Mount Semeru, Mount Batok, Mount Bromo, the sea of clouds, and the expanse of sand in Mount Bromo’s caldera.

Don’t miss the sunrise on your trip to Mount Bromo in East Java. Thereare several places on Mount Bromo where you can see the sunrise. Tourists usually visit PuncakPenanjakan in Probolinggo, as well as Pos Dingklik and Bukit Cinta in Pasuruan. There are other sites to observe the sunrise on Mount Bromo that are no less interesting, one of those is Mentigen Peak, located in Cemoro Lawang.

The location of Mentigen Peak isn’t far from the entrance of Mount Bromo Tengger Semeru National Parkin Cemoro Lawang. Mentigen Peak is indeed quite beautiful and extraordinary. Being in this place you will be presented with views of Bromo and views of Ngadisari village which is at an altitude of 2,274m above sea level. If you visit this place in the morning, when the sun is already rising and the fog is starting to lift, you’ll be able to see a sea of clouds above the Bromo sand, with the sun tinting the world a beautiful warmth. From the top of the peak, you can also see an amazing sea of sand. When you visit this area in the afternoon, you will be presented with the beauty of a very beautiful sunset. It was because this place was one of the highest places, among other hills. From here you will enjoy the process of the sunset while enjoying the various tourist attractions of Bromo which are watered in lavender in the afternoon.

Another gorgeous sight that you will get when visiting this peak area is the presence of green meadows. This meadow is quite wide and is planted with a variety of beautiful flowers. The observation point of Mentigen Hill is relatively unspoiled. The observation point is only a path on the ridge of Mentigen Hill which is overgrown with ferns and cantiga trees. To visit the peak area, from this village is not too difficult. It’s just a 1 km walk, if you go from the Cemoro Lawang area, it only takes about 30 minutes. In terms of road contours, road access to this area is also not too steep. For those of you who want to visit this area with your beloved family, of course, you can use this one route. Visiting the Mentigen Bromo Peak is sure to be one of the new tourist destinations for you on this holiday.