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Spot Riyadi

By K. Wardhana in Adventure

Mar 2, 2021

Yogyakarta will never disappear from the minds of tourists, will never run out of interesting tourist attractions to visit. The atmosphere of Yogyakarta and its beauty is everywhere, complete with beaches to mountains.

Recently, a tourist destination that has become an attraction for photography lovers is Spot Riyadi. Located right on the edge of a cliff, Mr Riyadi’s yard offers the beauty of the landscape of the city of Jogja and the elegance of Prambanan Temples and Sojiwan Temples on the other side. Since its inception by photography lovers, Spot Riyadi has become the ideal place to enjoy sunrises and sunsets. 

If Borobudur Temple has Phuntuk Setumbu, then Spot Riyadi is the “Phuntuk Setumbu” Prambanan Temple. Looking for a better view to take pictures of the sites near Prambanan? Look no further than Spot Riyadi, a spot over a cliff that offers the landscape of Yogyakarta with the majestic Prambanan temple and Mount Merapi in the background of the view. This is a place to take beautiful pictures of the landscape.

Still, you can visit here for an upscale view of the temple and the mountains during sunrise and sunset, where visitors can camp in to avoid missing the viewing of dramatic scenery change during those times. As you chase sunrises and sunsets, find yourself getting lost in a moment of magical history, wondering about the changes in civilization through modernity and time, closing an adventurous day near the Prambanan temple area.