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Semeru, the Highest Volcano in Java

By Trisna Putri Kusumawati in Adventure

Dec 9, 2021


Mount Semeru is an active volcano located on The Border of Malang and Lumajang Regencies, East Java, and included in the list of Seven Summits Indonesia. Mount Semeru is included in the list of the fourth highest volcanoes in Indonesia after Puncak Jaya(Carstensz Pyramid) in Papua with a height of 4,884 meters above sea level and is included in the World Seven Summits that Mount Kerinci located on the border between West Sumatra, and Jambi which has a height of up to 3,805 masl and Mount Rinjani in NTB with a size of about 3,762 masl and Mount Semeru is the highest volcano on the island of Java, reaching an altitude of approximately 3,676 meters above sea level. This mountain is includedin The Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park area.

Mount Semeru is one of the favorite mountains for mountain climbers and people who love sport tourism destinations because the terrain that must be taken to reach the top of this mountain is rugged and becomes a challenging challenge for climbers. However, the struggle that will undoubtedly be tiring to reach the top will be happy with each serving of scenery and the experience of seeing extraordinary natural beauty during the journey to the top of Mount Semeru.

Some of the travel routes that must be taken to reach The Summit of Mount Semeru start from The Resort Ranupani point, the first gathering point to start climbing Mount Semeru. Here climbers must re-register and follow the climbing briefing. After that, the climbers will walk to Ranu Kumbolo, which is a freshwater lake with an altitude of 2400 meters above sea level which presents a stunning view between beautiful hills, the thing that the climbers look forward to the most here is to see the beauty of the sunrise in the morning, but it couldn’t be too expected because the fog there was very thick. At RanuKumbolo, climbers are allowed to set up tents. After that, the climbers must continue their journey through The Love Rise route. As the name suggests, this route is a road taken by climbing upwards. The following way is to descend through The Oro-Oro Ombo Flower Field, a vast expanse of purplish Verbena Flowers almost similar to Lavender Flowers. Then the climbers have to walk down the hills to the Jambangan area with an altitude of 2600 meters above sea level and continue the journey for an hour to Kalimati. After arriving at Kalimati with an altitude of 2700 meters above sea level, there will be many tents of climbers who will prepare their journey to walk down the peak of Mount Semeru in the middle of the night.

There are food and beverage vendors and public toilets from every post that must pass. After midnight arrived, the climbers began to hurry and prepare all their personal and mental needs, so The Real Struggle, Began. The journey from Kalimati to Mahameru Peak is approximately 1000 meters bypassing several tracks such as Arcopodo, Kelik, and Cemoro Tunggal, which are vegetation borders. Mount Semeru has a peak known as Mahameru and a crater named Jonggring Saloka. This JonggringSaloka crater should not be brought near because, at any time, it can spit out poisonous gas known as Wedhus Gembel. Mount Semeru can be one of your mandatory destinations to fill your vacation time or try to explore Indonesia’s natural beauty. Besides, you can enjoy mountain views, and you can also enjoy a variety of biodiversities such as acacia trees, pine trees, fir trees, reeds, edelweiss, orchids, and others—deer and so on.

Teamwork and cohesiveness with each other even though there are many foreigners there, but if you have started the climbing process to Semeru Peak, everyone must work together and pay attention to each other’s conditions and safety. The higher the journey to the top, the considerable obstacles are because the air temperature will lower and freeze. Many rocks will block the road, a lot of volcanic ash and strong winds will always hit the climbers. From fatigue, the journey will be happy with unrivaled beauty. From a stunning sunrise, clouds that stretch from a height that can be seen very close to the eye, and a sense of extraordinary happiness for being able to stand on top of the highest mountain peak on the island of Java, Indonesia, namely Mount Semeru with its own feet.

Hikers who want to come here make sure to register for a hearing or book online climbing Semeru at read the SOP carefully. The number of people allowed in one group is 4-7, and climbers must bring a health certificate H-1. The thing that is no less important to pay attention to is that climbers are obliged to walk according to the travel path set for their safety and shared interests so that unwanted things do not happen. It is essential to pay attention to the completeness of personal needs so that not exposed to hypothermia during the climbing trip. The fee to be paid to enter this area is around Rp. Twenty-four thousand for Indonesian citizens and Rp. 310,000 for foreigners.