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Ratu Boko Prambanan

By K. Wardhana in Adventure

Jan 19, 2021

In the south of Prambanan temple, situated atop a hill, a legendary palace’s ruins remained. The original name of the site is still unknown to this day.

However, the locals named it Ratu Boko, after King Boko in the famous Roro Jonggrang folklore. Contrary to popular belief to be a temple compound, Candi Ratu Boko is actually a historical ruin site of a palace built during the Syailendra dynasty but later taken over by the Mataram Kingdom.

This makes the site unique, with Hindu and Buddhist significances from the respective kingdoms that dominate the site at the time. Ratu Boko is built 196 m above sea level, and from its pavilion gates, you can see the Prambanan temple’s view with Mount Merapi on the horizon.

 How To Get There

The nearest big city from the site is Yogyakarta, and the public transportation from Yogyakarta only travels as far as the Prambanan compound area. Located 3 km from the south of Prambanan temple, you can take a private car to stop by to the site, or reliability with local transportation such as a motorcycle taxi from the Prambanan temple to Ratu Boko.

 Tips and Useful Information 

  • Best Time to Visit Ratu Boko can be visited all year round, although it is best to visit during the dry season from March to October.
  • Is it Family Friendly? It is a family-friendly area with children permitted to explore the area as they please.
  • What to Pack? Visitors are advised to wear light clothing, bring sunblock, a water bottle and a hat. As the site is regarded as a respectable place, it is best to wear respectable clothing.