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Penjalin Island

By Trisna Putri in Adventure

Aug 15, 2022

Exploring the dazzling crystal blue sea to Penjalin Island in Palmatak District from The Capital of The Riau Archipelago, Tarempa takes about an hour and a half trip across the ocean using a speedboat.

The island is directly adjacent to Singapore, Malaysia and Vietnam. Penjalin Island presents calm sea water with white sand that is still very clean, highly recommended as a place to go diving or snorkelling, and this island is perfect for those of you who love peace because it is far from residential areas, want to get the best photo spots, you can also as the choice of the most beautiful location for pre-wedding photos and need the inspiration to work.

Coming to Penjalin Island is like visiting a unique and exotic paradise on earth. The cool air is surrounded by large green hills, dense forests, towering trees, and no crowds make you fall in love because you are amazed by the natural beauty that is here.

The atmosphere created by Penjalin Island will hypnotize first-time visitors to come back. This place is highly recommended for the choice of visiting a tropical island as the best vacation in The Anambas Islands, Riau.

Penjalin Island has several small islands that will add to the beauty of the alluring panorama while on this island and the clear sea water revealing the beauty of coral reefs from the bottom of the water can attract local and foreign tourists to come to visit with the many charms that exist on the island.

If you visit here, it is advisable to invite your partner, friends or family because the location is quite far from residential areas.

Lying on clean white sand, eating fresh grilled sea fish on the beach, feeling like swimming in a giant swimming pool due to the pressure of the seawater being very calm, enjoying the warmth of the sunset, giving a very beautiful story in life when you come to this island. It feels like an addiction to always want to stay and be on this island to live life because it can be the best place to get away from the hustle and bustle of life in the city.

It must always be remembered that nature cannot maintain its beauty and cleanliness without us humans as connoisseurs. The beauty of nature depends on what we do when we are there. Hopefully, the beautiful nature can always be maintained and will always be able to be excellent.