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Natural Wonders of Wakatobi

By Hendricus Bernard in Adventure

Jan 19, 2021

Come and see for yourself the life of the Bajo Tribe in Bajo Mola Village. Bajo Mola village will be interesting to those who enjoy interacting and live the people’s lives here.

The Bajo people are seafarer, and they even believe that they are descendant of the sea. The Bajo people are trained since childhood to collect food from the sea. The Bajo people ability as a seafarer is first class. They have magical ability such as those of a sea creature; they can walk on the seafloor and dive until 50 meters without the diving kit. The Bajo people are said to live on the sea for months without food and modern technology.

As a seaside village, upon arrival at Bajo Mola Village, you will see many boats and floating houses all around the place. With help from the local guide, travellers can take a tour through the canals to see for themselves the life of the Bajo People.

Did you know what a Cenote is? A Cenote is a natural pit, or sinkhole, resulting from the collapse of limestone bedrock that exposes groundwater underneath. If you never heard of one, you can see for yourself one in the middle of WanciCity, called Tekko Sapi Kontamale. You can Bath there, swim there, and see many small children play around there. The experience of seeing the Cenote is unique and unforgettable. Get to see a fantastic work of God in Tekko Sapi Kontamale.