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Peucang Island

By K. Wardhana in Adventure

Jan 19, 2021

Inside Ujung Kulon national park in the northwest area, there is a small tropical island with sparkling shallow water with the beauty of nature surrounding it.

Sometimes, even known as a lost paradise due to how private it is. Peucang island, named after the Javanese mouse-deer more commonly known as Kancil to the Indonesian children, encompasses seashore privacy with various wildlife, often considered one of the most beautiful beaches in Indonesia. Ujung Kulon is highly regarded as the place of conservation of Javanese Rhinos, so it is common to find wild animals surrounding the Peucang Strait, giving a nice natural atmosphere from the beautiful white beach the greenery of Ujung Kulon.

Peucang Island is close to Tanjung Lesung Beach Resort. However, it is suggested to hire speedboats from Carita beach port in Banten to get to Peucang Island. It takes about 2.5 hours to get to Peucang Island by speedboat. You can do a lot of activities on Peucang Island. You can do water-based activities like swimming in the ocean and ride speed boats around the island.

You can explore the beach by walking along the shoreline on foot, passing through rocks and enjoy privacy in the midst of wildlife on the island. You can also hike around the island, enjoying the lush greenery. You can also take pictures and picnic on the beach, relaxing in the natural atmosphere. As there are a lot of wildlife on the island, you can see many wild animals during your visit. However, it is best not to disturb or feed them, as they could annoy you back.


  •  Best Time to Visit: It is recommended to visit the island during the dry season from April to October.
  • Is it Family Friendly? Peucang Island is suitable for families who love exploring and seeking out adventure on the beach. However, it would be more suitable to explore with children above 12, as many wild animals could harm small children. It is also advised to use a local guide when travelling the island for safety.
  • What to Pack? You are advised to use sunblock and anti-mosquito cream to visit the island, bring a water bottle and food, and personalized medicine, even though there is a resort facility on the island. It is also advised to wear clothes that resemble the habitat or grazing locations when watching the animals, even if they look tame. Also, bring extra plastic bags for rubbish, as the island doesn’t permit stray rubbish, as regulated in the national park to keep them safe from the wild animals.