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Mak Alang Coffee Shop

By Salma Amiranda in Culinary

Aug 16, 2022

While exploring Anambas, the Dolanesia Team was invited to visit a famous coffee shop located in the middle of the city of Tarempa.

It’s not fun to visit Anambas without stopping at the Mak Alang coffee shop. Located right in front of the Tarempa fish market, Mak Alang coffee shop seems to be the starting place for local people to start their daily activities. Whether just enjoying a cup of coffee or having some breakfast.

As the activities of the Tarempa fish market start to get busy after dawn, this shop will begin to get busy from 5 a.m. If you visit late in the day, several types of food are usually overrun by breakfast hunters.

We’ve got there around 7 a.m to avoid food became run out. When we entered the Mak Alang coffee shop, the smell of cooking spices greeted us and made us impatient to enjoy the food at that coffee shop. Mak Alang coffee shop serves various types of food and drinks, such as Mie sago, a noodle made from sago. Kopi o, which is a black coffee, teh o or tea, and teh o beng or iced tea. Also last but not least, the famous signature cuisine of Mak Alang coffee shop AKA Mie Tarempa which is an original noodle from Anambas and is well known in various regions such as Batam to Jakarta.

If you’ve watched the Laskar Pelangi movie and saw the scene where Ikal and Mahar visited a coffee shop, you will feel the same vibe when you visit Mak Alang coffee shop. None of the citizens was focused on their cell phones, a rare sight you can’t find in the big city. Only verbal communication between one another spread warmth to all of us that morning.

Enjoying a cup of coffee and eating breakfast at Mak Alang coffee shop may sound normal and ordinary. But when you visit this place, you will feel how pleasant the experience is.