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Morotai Local Daily Activities

By K. Wardhana in Activities

Jan 19, 2021

When you visit Morotai Island, you should not only visit the white sandy beaches, surfing areas, diving spots or the relics of World War II history without immersing yourself in local life.

Aside from being a new tourist hotspot, Morotai Island is filled with locals who greets you warmly, as they offer a glimpse into their everyday life during your visit. Most locals in Morotai live simply by farming land, being fisherman to the ocean and seas, or journeying nearby islands of Tobelo to sell rich spices from the island.

As photographed, the lady proudly presents the spices she is selling on the island, as a way of Maluku’s cuisine has a staple of spices for their well-known spicy dishes. Another notable mention of local activities in Morotai Island would be fishing. Fishing has been a staple in local life as the locals live by the ocean, which meant the island area is rich in seafood, especially in tuna fish, codfish, trevally fish, rock-cod fish and grouper fish. One can find 60 kg of fish on the island if lucky enough to spot them.

Truth to be told, the way of local life is simple, but it is sustainable for the island’s community to get on their day. As the locals roam the island during the day, young or old, there is always someone in the street trying to sustain their simple way of life, whether to sell their produce, spices or fish. In Morotai Island, you are indulged in those simplicities to wash your worries away, or maybe even bring some clarity in what we suppose is a busy, hectic lifestyle. Centre yourself in paradise, and slowly relax yourself to the island lifestyle, where everything is in place to sustain you comfortably.