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Kelingking Beach, Explore One of The Beautiful Beaches in Nusa Penida

By Trisna Putri Kusumawati in Adventure

Sep 20, 2022

Kelingking Beach is a beach that is perfect for those of you who like an adventure that is quite extreme because the location of the coast is far below the height of the giant cliff. The journey will drain quite a lot of energy and patience but will be in accordance with the unique natural scenery and beauty of this Kelingking Beach.

Kelingking Beach is not a strange beach for lovers of photography, diving and snorkeling among local and foreign tourists because this beach is quite famous on social media, one of which is Instagram. The uniqueness of this beach is because one of the cliffs is shaped like a human little finger or a kind of T-Rex. Kelingking Beach is located in The Western part of Nusa Penida in Karang Dawa Hamlet, Nusa Penida District, Klungkung Regency. The route that must be taken to visit here can be from Nusa Dua, Sanur Beach Pier, by riding a speedboat to Buyuk Harbor for about 40 minutes and 45 minutes to continue the journey to Kelingking Beach about 45 minutes.

This Kelingking Beach has received a lot of international achievements from various sources, one of which is TripAdvisor 2019, at 19th on the list of the best beaches in the world. The atmosphere of this beach is quite exotic and romantic for those of you who come here with a partner. The beach, which is located under a steep high cliff, will give its sensation for your adrenaline, therefore before deciding to visit this beach, you must make sure your body is in a fit state and do not bring children to go down the cliff because the access road to the beach is still not inadequate and dangerous. Although some people can not enjoy the water on the beach, looking at the splendor of Kelingking Beach from the top of the cliff will not disappoint. In addition to beaches with beautiful white sand, you can also enjoy various beautiful photo spots as instagramable photo spots.

On this beach, there is a homestay that you can stay in temporarily if you still want to explore Kelingking Beach for a longer time. The cost for overnight lodging is around Rp. 300,000. This beach is also equipped with various other facilities such as toilets, restaurants and so on. This beach is also recommended for diving and snorkeling. In addition, you can make The Kelingking Island tourist destination the best place to watch the beautiful panorama of the sunset with your partner or to enjoy calm.