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Investing in Tomia, A Hidden Jewel

By Hendricus Bernard in Adventure

May 31, 2021

Everybody knows Bali, and everybody loves Bali, but some find Bali too crowded, especially during the holiday season, the traffic jam in Kuta is unbearable.

What if we can find you a rural version of Bali? May we present you, Tomia, a new place of Island travel destination, and the good news are, it’s open for investments. Wakatobi is a Biosphere Reserve recognized by UNESCO. Bearing the highest number of dive sites in Wakatobi, around 30 diving sites, Tomia Island is regarded by many as divers’ heaven. Located in the centre of the world coral triangle, Tomia has a magnificent collection of coral reef. Wakatobi has the most number of species of coral reef in the world, having 750 species from a total of 850 species means Wakatobi own 88% of world coral reef species.

Another beauty of Tomia is its’ clear seawater. The water is so clear that people claim they can see up to 15 meters underwater, making it easy to take photo underwater. Making Wakatobi the best diving place in the world.  As mentioned before, Tomia has many diving sites. Some of the most popular are Cornucopia, Ali Reef, Mari Mabuk, Roma, and Coral Garden. Cornucopia located around Tomia Island. In this diving site, divers will found a coral reef similar to a vertical wall.  Cornucopia is 20-55 meter under sea level.

Veteran divers know Ali Reef as a site challenging with its’ beauty. Divers can swim around an underwater mountain with a flat top connected with a deep back to long table coral reef valley, the yellow sun reef is known as tubastraea. Like a big underwater city, Ali Reef is busy with marine biota swimming around. Divers will be amazed by a giant tornado and mesmerized by little fishes come and go. The Ali Reef diving site is suitable for diving as it’s 25 meters underwater, and it’s not suited for snorkelling.