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Batu Hideung

By K. Wardhana in Adventure

Jan 19, 2021

Sunsets in Batu Hideung. Tanjung Lesung is very much popular for its beach resort, where you can do water sports on its beaches with jets, kayaking and even ride banana boats with the view of Mount Krakatau in the distance.

In the west of Tanjung Lesung, there is an adjacent serene beach called Batu Hideung. Batu Hideung is famous for the large black granite rocks that littered the sandy beaches, naturally scraped from erosion by waves, adding an exotic touch of the beach that overlooks the endlessly to Indian Ocean. The ocean has a beautiful colour, sparkling with the rays of sunlight. Although it is not recommended for swimming, the beach is hidden enough to relax and watch the beautiful view of the beach.

There is also a lush of greenery around the beach filled with rows of mangrove trees on the way to the beach, and locals usually use the beach for fishing. In enjoying the serene calm beach away from the noise, you can easily feel relaxed during your visit. Although, the beach has no facilities prior to your visit, so make sure to bring your essential belongings and enough food and water to enjoy the area.

Batu Hideung is a beautiful place to catch the sunrise, when the sun hits the ocean water creating an illusion of sparkles, or the sunset, where the sun perfectly sets on the docks of the serene beach, giving you a vision of paradise. Many people try to catch the sunset at Baru Hideung, where the darkness of the black granite contrasts towards the orange setting sky and the last of the sparkles in the ocean, giving a view you will never forget during your visit.