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Eden Park 100 Waterfall

By Sally Davidsz in Adventure

May 4, 2021

Eden Park Waterfall at Parapat Town, Caldera – Lake Toba of Indonesia.  Located Jalan Raya Parapat-Porsea km 17, Lumban Julu District, Tobasa Regency, North Sumatera.

We started from Parapat and reached Eden Park within 15 minutes drive, good road condition. It was located at the roadside easy access, though the entry gate was not too obvious the first time. The parking area was wide. From the Fall, we walked to the Wild Orchid garden. There were hundreds of Wild Orchid inside; many of them were endemic species of the Toba Rainforest.

Spotted several species ‘Flowers were in bloom. Of course, as those were wild orchids. The blooming time was seldom and short. This Eden Park 100 has an exciting view. In this park, we can see waterfalls, organic strawberries, raspberry and lots of monkeys. It is one of nature tourism in North Sumatera with various plants that we can be found there.

Eden Park Waterfall is a peaceful forest park, clean and serenade, silent and great for meditation, spring camping, and you can swim at the falls.  When you were here, your eyes are spoiled by the natural beauty that is so original. We could not find air pollution because there are so many trees there and we could feel the fresh air. This place is suitable for nature lovers.