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Desa Wisata Klipoh

By K. Wardhana in Adventure

Mar 10, 2021

Travelling to the Beauty Village of Klipoh. In Desa Wisata Klipoh, the village in Karanganyar in Borobudur, Magelang, there is a place to learn how to make traditional pottery or gerabah.

80 per cent of the village’s population has a profession dedicated to making this pottery. The process of making this earthenware is still from hereditary generational techniques—from its choice of clay, its formation phase, its drying phase with natural sunlight, its burning phase, the traditional colouring phase and its finishing phase.

To this day, the pottery craftsmen claimed the tradition has been in the village before the Borobudur Temple even existed. The craftsmen still use its traditional moulds from history, claiming to be leftover artefacts that people can still feel in modern life.

You can visit the village to learn the craft as a tourist attraction as a part of the Village and Heritage tour programme in the Borobudur Temple area to learn more about Javanese culture. You can learn traditional ways to make ashtrays, candles, bowls, and many other potteries in many different shapes and sizes in this village. You can make your own as you visit the village, and you can also buy pottery at a range of prices due to its size and production time.