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De Potrek Coffee Bromo

By Sally Davidsz in Activities

Dec 9, 2021

“What goes best with a cup of coffee? Another cup.” – Henry Rollins

The coffee shop industry in the 21st century is multiplying. Coffee lovers prefer to enjoy a cup of coffee directly to the coffee shop while doing other activities such as meetings, work, or just reading a book.

Blanketed in fog and cold mountains will feel perfect with a cup of warm coffee. Shortly after hunting sunrise in Mount Bromo, it can be an exciting option for you to enjoy the beautiful green scenery. Coffee is always my best friend when the weather is cloudy. It is 30 minutesfrom Seruni Point to Dusun 2, Sapikerep, Sukapura, Probolinggo, East Java. De Potrek Coffee is one of the coffee shops you can visit while in Bromo. Who would have thought in Bromo there is a coffee shop with an interesting view, and it’s a shame to miss.

Upon arrival at De Potrek Coffee, there are several beverages on offer. With cloudy weather here, available coffee, and non-coffee, hot coffee late may be the right choice. The price is also relatively low. A cup of late coffee is checked for IDR 25,000-. Not suitable if drinking coffee without being accompanied by snacks, De Potrek Coffee also provides snacks such as french fries, fried bananas, and other options.

There is no denying that in addition to enjoying a cup of coffee, you are also looking for a view offered from a coffee shop, right? Therefore, do not miss the moment to capture exciting spots in the Area De Potrek Coffee. This place is visited because of its aesthetic stalls, buildings made of bamboo, and surrounded by shady trees, making you feel at home to linger here. For now, De Potrek Coffee operates from 09.00–19.00 WIB. The thin fog that falls and after the rain always adds to the natural beauty of Bromo. Add De Potrek Coffee to your travel list while in Bromo.