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Coffee house on the Jungle

By Sally Davidsz in Activities

May 4, 2021

Sherwood coffee shop is a black coffee shop located in Eden Park 100 Lumbanrang, Tobasa Regency, North Sumatra.

Its existence in the middle of the Eden forest is one of the favourites for visitors when visiting the garden waterfall Eden. The location is reached in the direction of the waterfall. You can walk about 15 minutes from the entrance. A cup of coffee adds to the deliciousness accompanied by a charming natural atmosphere.

Just make a stop at Sherwood coffee house to relax and spend the time after you took jungle trekking uphill the tropical forest at the park of Eden. You will meet a humble barista to accompanied you there. He also has a good book at the coffee house. You can explore their jungle to see tropical forest ambience, quiet forest. You also can birding watching to see endemic birds of Sumatera.

In addition, the attraction of this coffee shop is its interior design that makes visitors feel at home to linger. The cosy, cool atmosphere is suitable for those who want to be away from the crowds. Choosing wood as furniture is, of course, to make the atmosphere warmer.