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Bantengan Bromo

By Ariella N. Lai in Adventure

Dec 9, 2021

“Two roads diverged in a wood, and I–I took the one less traveled by, And that has made all the difference.”

This quote rings familiar to fans of literature, wanderers of the world, and viewers of a specific movie starring the deceased Robin Williams set in a fictional New England boarding school. During my many years of travel, I’ve always strived to find routes not often taken by others because it’s not rare that beauty lies in the untouched and uncharted. Okay, technically, this viewpoint isn’t ‘uncharted’ nor unknown. Granted, not many travelers are aware of it, but considering it’s in a pretty popular travel place, it could be counted as underrated-maybe even criminally so. Located in Ranupani Village in the Senduro District, Bantengan was once used as a grazing cattle field during Colonial times. The cattle raised in the area were known to grow as large as bulls (Indonesia: “banteng”) which led the locals to call the place “Bantengan.”

We can start from Ranu Pani straight to Tumpang, Malang, to reach this area. The roads are well-paved and large enough to be passed by 4-wheeled vehicles; however, the minimum lighting makes it an unadvisable drive during dusk and through the night. When the light of day shines the way, the view of terraces of paddy fields will accompany you throughout the journey up the mountain. Upon reaching the viewpoint, be prepared to marvel at the sight because Mt. Bromo will greet you with all its glory. The air is peaceful, and the breeze is inevitable along with Bromo’s lush splendor. It’s at this point where you can see the entirety of Bromo’s savannah.

You can continue their trek to the border gateways of Lumajang, Malang, and Probolinggo once you’ve sated your need for pictures. The climb continues uphill, with views of Mount Bromo in the distance. A walk to the east can get you to Mt. Bromo’s Teletubbies’ hill. A continuous journey to the peak will find you arriving in Malang. Bantengan is an alternate destination worth seeing. Aside from its accessibility, the scenery is on par with other tourist sites.