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A Unique Part From The Corner of Malang City Jodipan Village

By Trisna Putri Kusumawati in Adventure

Aug 24, 2022

Coming to Malang City, a mandatory destination that you must visit is to go to the colourful village called Jodipan Village.

Jodipan Village is located in Blimbing District, Malang City, East Java. This village can attract the attention of your eyes because the design of the residents’ houses consists of striking bright colours, and there is a beautiful artistic value from the combination of building colours, culture, local wisdom from the welcome of residents who easily give warm smiles and tourism infrastructure.

Previously, Jodipan Village was a slum village located on the banks of The Brantas River, which was poorly maintained and had existed since 2016. Still, thanks to the intelligence of the initiation of students who were there, it was able to make Jodipan Village a high enough value as a tourist asset in Malang City, which is already well known to this day and able to attract foreign tourists to come to visit.

The aesthetic values ​​ in Jodipan Village teach us always to love and maintain the cleanliness and beauty of the environment, which will have a positive impact that is very beneficial for the lives of the people who live here. Jodipan Village was inaugurated as a tourist village in 2017 by The Mayor of Malang. If you are interested in coming here, the location is on Jl. Ir. H. Widow No. 9, Blimbing District, Malang City, East Java. Access to this village is effortless; it is on the city’s outskirts and not far from Malang City Square and Malang Station.

Jodipan Village is highly recommended for those who like the artistic value of photography because, in Jodipan Village, there are lots of instagramable photo spots. The cost to be able to enter the tourist attractions in Kampung Jodipan is around Rp. 10,000 is adjusted to the type of vehicle you will bring later and the opening hours range from 07.00 am – 5.00 pm, and various facilities are available such as places of worship, toilets and so on.

There are so many photo spots here that can give beauty to your photos, including the photo spot on The Ngalam Glass Bridge, which connects Jodipan Village with Tridi Village, which can accommodate about 50 people with beautiful views of the colour of the walls of residents’ houses. Another best photo spot is The Hanging Umbrella Hall, where many cute umbrellas with adorable patterns hang above. Jodipan Village will make you feels like being in a house of a fairy tale that will make your vacation even more exciting.